Garage Organizers Software – Using Garage Organizers Software To Maximize Space And Productivity

Many people today are surprised to learn that there are a handful of different options for garage organizers software that are available for download and purchase. They will enable you to make the most of your space and to increase your productivity, depending on what your needs are. Learn about the various different kinds of garage organizers software and what their uses are and you’ll be able to decide if they are right for you.

One of the first options you’ll have is a software product that is going to help you in the design process of garage makeovers. This is particularly helpful when you’re really completely changing your garage, because the larger the project is, the more important it is to plan properly.

Nothing is worse than going ahead with a project and buying materials and then finding out that you can’t actually complete what you were working on for one reason or another. Maybe you don’t have enough space, or maybe you forgot to account for an item that you needed. Whatever it is, it’s a hassle and it can really set you back both financially and in terms of time and aggravation.

With the right software tool, you’ll be able to completely visualize your project. You can add in where your shelves, cabinets and other amenities are going to be and you can move them around to see what looks or works better. You will be able to judge how much space you have and what will be able to fit. In this way you can make a lot of easy and quick decisions about the direction you should be going in.

Then, once you know everything that’s going to work and what you’d like to do, you can go about budgeting for that final project. Now there won’t be any surprises in terms of additional supplies or materials you forgot about, or additional costs you didn’t plan for. Everything will be laid out for you nice and neat. garage shelving units can be very fun to use and will make planning your project as easy as it possibly can be.

Of course, when many people think about garage organizers software, they are actually thinking about software for running an auto garage or another workshop of some kind. This is clearly a completely different ballgame. These software tools will help manage many different things, ranging from inventory to invoices. The purpose is to help increase your efficiency and to help your business run as smoothly as possible. Whether you are pursuing a hobby as a side job or you’re running your own business, this kind of software will be a valuable asset.

Garage organizers software is continuing to get more popular these days. For homeowners looking to complete a renovation project, the right software can be put to use to help design, plan and visualize your dream garage. For business owners or hobbyists, you can smoothly and properly manage every aspect of your business and every task that you need to take care of.

ED Test Myth

It is often believed that the ED test is a new topic when it is usually taken up with your physician. What do you need to expect in an identical situation? Often, the doctor might ask you to undergo an ED test. There are certain websites that offer questionnaires to the user. It is nothing but a set of questions that you should answer to find out your scorecard. of the questions that are asked involve the frequency at which you are able to have an erection during intercourse. In case you go for a sexual stimulation, are you able to penetrate your partner often? Are the erections hard enough for sustaining the entire course? After having intercourse, are you able to sustain the erection even after you have climaxed? Do you find it tough to maintain the erection until the intercourse has ended? There are several options which are offered and you need to choose the correct one. The option that tells you to obtain the score is the one that tells you whether you need counseling or if you are okay.

Once you have decided to take up the matter with your health care provider, they will engage you in a frank conversation to understand your case and problems. The doctor has experience in handling patients with erectile dysfunction many a time. What they will do is that they will ask you several questions identical to the ones that have been mentioned above. Some of these may incorporate the symptoms, health aspects and lifestyle conditions, since each of these plays a vital role in affecting your condition.

Make sure that the feedback which you give and the questions which you answer to your doctor are true as it will play a major role in determining your condition. The answers will help in formulating treatment strategies and hence you are expected to cooperate with the physician. After discussing the conditions, the physician will diagnose a few treatment alternatives on the basis of the answers that you have given. Prepare to have a frank discussion with the doctor since the understanding of your sexual health will help you estimate if you are suffering from any ED related symptoms.

CIALIS is often prescribed by physicians for treating the conditions which lead to the occurrence of ED. However, while the drug is being administered, you need to beware of not using any other medications that are used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

You should avoid taking in alcoholic drinks as it might induce headaches, dizziness, increased heart rates or low blood pressure. The medicine may also have side effects such as indigestion, backache, headache, running nose and flushing. While the side effects might disappear after some hours, muscle aches and back aches might persist for up to 12 or 24 hours. These problems vanish within a couple of days. In case any of the side effects persist, you should inform your health care specialist immediately to rectify the situation.

Custom t-shirt – Get designs and delivery

Many of the people are choosing custom t-shirts for their business, and they are going with attractive designs. The custom t-shirt is important for some situations in which you can make the best team of employees. If a business has teams of an employee at that time, it is a good option to go with the same dress code. You can see there are many companies that are following the same dress code options with their logos and colours. A person can make a better t-shirt for the company by getting the perfect logo designing. With custom services, people can go with online sites.

There are many websites that are offering custom t-shirt designing facilities that are beneficial to business persons or their companies. The individuals can choose better designs with Ottawa Custom T-Shirts and get attractive options for the team t-shirt printing.

Graphic designing

Graphic designing is a process which is used for various things. There are many situations in which people are hiring graphic designers. Mostly, these kinds of designer services are used for logo designing and websites designs. On the other hand with the custom t-shirt printing services graphic designing is used for the selection of the logo for the company with the custom shirts. The business person who can choose graphics options to make a better dress for the team and they can easily handle giveaways.

Send your ideas

With the custom t-shirt printing services, people can apply their ideas easily. If you have planned an idea or design for the complete set of the t-shirt, then it is a good option to go with the custom t-shirt services. To the services, people can go with the online option and apply your own ideas on the designs and colours. The colour and design give the benefits to make the best custom t-shirts. With Ottawa Custom T-Shirts people send their own ideas for printing the logos and designs with attractive colour. So, it is a beneficial facility to choose your own design or logo with t-shirt printing services.

Quality of t-shirts

There are many companies that are offering custom t-shirt facilities. But some of the companies are not giving complete services related to quality. The quality of the t-shirt plays an important role, and every person demands long-lasting benefits with t-shirt printing. The t-shirt printing demands the perfection that can be taken from Ottawa Custom T-Shirts and go with the better and long lasting options and take more benefits with the t-shirt quality.

A Brief Description about the Mac OS

Well, the software or the computer about which you are talking about is an operating system mainly for the Apple Computers. It is mainly built for personal computers as well as for the workstations. There are various versions of you can say features of Mac available and some are like Mac OS X. It consists of 3D appearance, and it’s all characteristics are the best among all other softwares. Mac software is only for Apple computers.

As you know that there are various versions present for the Mac OS, so it is necessary for you to know that you only need to download the most appropriate or suitable for software version for your system and also according to it. So, how people and individuals should know that which is the best or suitable version of Mac OS is for their system? It is a simple and easy question to deal with, and in the same post, people get more and relevant information regarding the same process.

Take help from reviews to get appropriate mac software

It is necessary for all people and individuals that they should take advantage of reviews which are provided to them. The reviews are only the best source for the people when they are going to deal with the process of download for mac. Therefore, whenever you are going to deal with the related process, you need to make sure that you are using the reviews properly. You should find the most appropriate site and then read or check out the most important or good reviews regarding the same concept.

You don’t only go through the reviews, but instead, you should gather all the basic general information that relates to it. After that people and individuals need to apply that information in their process of downloading the mac for their system. So, in the same way, reviews help people properly and also after that people become able to download mac for their system. Not only is this, but the reviews also provide every single basic thing that helps in the download for mac process.


Briefly, you need to know that the entire information which is mentioned above is the article is more helpful for you and you have to make full and efficient use of it. The more you make use of these things the easier you get the best quality and most appropriate mac for your system.

All you need to know about the background check

The background check is an investigation that is used for the candidate. The process is used for checking the older details of the person. Most of the employees have to clear the process to the employment. A checking process contains the employment background, qualification. The employment information and the qualification’s information are essential because some people get the fake documents and that can see after the survey. The information helps for the person’s older record that includes the older friend circle.

The background checking process is also used for finding the criminal record of the person. The criminal record of the person is also essential, and you can have that with a free background check. If you want to pass the process for the employment, then it is important to pass the background check process.

  • The timing of the process

Mainly, the process of the background checking is difficult because it takes four days like as business days. Sometimes the process takes extra time because of some reasons, and there are many reasons behind that. The reasons are easy to understand, and you need to have the information about them.

  • Reason 1- The first main reason in which the process takes time is to check the qualification and get the information on the documents. They are making the contacts and stabling he contacts with the former persons. On the other hand, it takes time because of the education institute information. You may have asked some question about the qualification, and you need to give your resume. The timing can be saved by providing the documents on time.
  • Reason2 – In the second process you need to clear the criminal record. If you have no criminal record, then the process will not take enough time. Sometimes the court creates the timing issues because of the holidays. The criminal records can be completed when the court process shows the documents, and that is the reason for extra timing.

Final words

Hope that you have taken the information on the process of background checking. The process takes timing, but you can complete it by following some rules and ways that we have mentioned with the article. There are lots of services that are providing the free services for the government process that demands the complete background. The free background check is good for people, and that also saves time.


How To Choose Right Financial Institution For Payday Loan?

Are you in need of money? Do you want to get instant money for a short period of time? If yes, then you should consider about payday loan. Today’s in the article, and we are going to discuss payday loan and its related aspects. You may have an idea or not, but the option of a payday loan is a good loan term for you. According to the experts, a payday loan is the best solution to meet your urgent financial needs. No doubt that there are many loan terms are available in the financial world, but payday loan is the best for you.

When it comes to choosing the payday loan company, then it becomes difficult. It is not an easy job to find out the right payday company of financial institution, especially for the first time. Due to this, you will have to put possible efforts for it. You can search on to know more and more about payday loan. It would be better to do proper research before choosing your payday loan company.

Things need to consider –

Here, you will get about some specific things that are must to take into consideration. So don’t waste your precious time and determine those essential things regarding a payday loan company. Read on:

  • The license of the company

Before taking your final decision regarding the payday loan company, you should know about the license of the company. In simple words, know that the company is certified or not. It is must to take into consideration if you don’t want to take any kind of risk.

  • Terms and conditions of the company

There are many financial companies those are offering a different kind of package on payday loan. All those companies have different terms and conditions regarding the loan term. Due to this, you should examine all the terms and conditions of the company that you are going to choose.

  • The reputation of the company

If you want to choose the right payday loan company, then you will have to consider the reputation of the company. According to the experts, reputation of the company can explain everything about the company. To this, you can contact the past customers of the company.

To sum up, consider all the different factors of the payday loan company before choosing the right one for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Solving Short Riddles?

Riddles are extremely beneficial while we talk about any age group. Long riddles, difficult riddles, and short riddles are some of the examples of popular riddle categories. By solving such puzzles, we can also pass the free time in a better way because of the fun factor. Not only this but sharing the puzzles also help the children in improving social skills. In the further article, you can check out the benefits of these riddles according to the age group.


The maximum benefits of solving the riddles can be accumulated by the children. The main benefit is that it is educational and they get good help in their education. Such activity also helps them in preparing well for the advanced exams in the school as they can improve the vocabulary.

Children can also use sharing riddles as the fun activity, and they can spend a good time with the friends and family members. Solving such puzzles is also known for creating the amazing bond between the parents and children. That’s why it is suggested to all those parents, who don’t share a good bond with their children, that they should share these puzzles with them.


The thinking process reduced in adulthood, so solving riddles also helpful for them to sharpen the mind. When adults give the answers, then dopamine is released by the brain. By this, they can get help in improving the below mentioned skills.

  • Understanding
  • Memory
  • Confidence
  • Positive thinking
  • Concentration
  • Motor skills

Answering many riddles also accelerate the logic power of adults as they are required to think from every possible logic in order to find the perfect answer. They also started doing work with imagination and logic in their life.


Old people have to deal with poor recognition and memory. However, they can get huge help from the riddles for sharpening the mental ability. This is considered the best ever brain exercise for these people because they can stay away from mental illness. In fact, solving riddles by older also decreases the high risk of dementia.

Thus, everyone is able to take a number of advantages by solving the riddles. Whenever you get any spare time, you should start checking out the internet for some fun-loving riddles. In addition to this, you can also take help from the comic books for getting some simple and easy puzzles.

Is It Possible To Identify Vehicle Through Vin-Code?

Vin-Code helps to identify the vehicle with online registration and identification. It can be implemented with the help of allotment of government number that is published in legal certification. However, you can check out brand value details with a valuation of a vehicle according to existing price. The R.C can also be used for issuing the license that will be conducting after watching your past records. The money that you will pay as fees will be regulated with government rules.

There will be no any doubt that Vin-Code helps to identify the vehicle nature and other useful details of it. You can go with and get know about your vehicle registration, insurance details, and other past records. The approval from the central government will allow publishing registration name plate within the front side of the vehicle. It is important to follow the guidelines and make it sure with the rules so that you will never face with illegal offenses. Now, in the post, we are going to discuss some importance of Vin-Code and why we all should use in our vehicle at the time of purchase.

How will it identify?

It will be easy to identify the vehicle with the foremost help of Vin-Code. It also includes some other useful things that are mentioned below:-

  • Alpha-numeric character: The Vin-Code is involved with alphabetical and numerical order and series according to the country rules and regulation. It will mainly show with 17 words to know the full factual detail of the vehicle. Every time, it will tell you about various terms in the form of a model number, manufactured date, and brand sign.
  • State, address, mobile number: It will also show you the owner’s address, state code, and their personal number. It is important for police also if they get any hint of uncertainty and criminal offense. It will help them to find a solution with the generation of personal information.
  • Model selection: You can get a selection of a model of vehicle if you want to purchase. The factual information about RC originality and insurance representation. You can know about expiry date or the way to claim it.

As a result, shows that you can use Vin-Code and make your motor vehicle legally under govt. It is your responsibility to upgrade the information timely with proper address and your own details.


What are the Benefits of Using Recruitment Agencies for Job Navigation?

Do you want to get a better job after completing your study? If yes, then you should consider these recruitment agencies. It is the best way the navigate job vacancies if you don’t have time to search yourself. In simple words, if you have a tight schedule, then nothing is much better than these recruitment agencies. There are numbers of benefits of taking services from these recruitment agencies.

No doubt, there are many career websites available in the job market. It is really difficult to find out the reliable career website. Https:// is the best source for getting information about job vacancies. You can log on this website if you have trouble to finding job vacancies. The advancement of technology has made life easy. You can get detail about anything with the help of the internet.

Key benefits of hiring recruitment agencies –

There are numbers of benefits of hiring recruitment agencies to navigate job vacancies. It is essential to know the benefits of using recruitment agencies. Some imperative benefits of using recruitment agencies have discussed below:

  • Saves time

One of the greatest benefits of hiring these recruitment agencies is time-saving. In simple words, you can save a lot of your precious time if you will take the help of these recruitment agencies in finding a job for you. These agencies have professionals who are working to recruit candidates for companies for many years. They have experience and can help you to find out the best job within a short period of time.

  • Excellent knowledge

These agencies are well-known for their services. These recruitment agencies are working for many years in the same field. Due to this, professionals of these agencies have a better experience and excellent knowledge regarding the job market. They can offer the best job according to your skills and education. You just need to submit your resume in the office with some other basic formalities.

  • Save money

Another benefit of these recruitment agencies is to your financial condition. In simple words, you don’t have need go city to city for job vacancies. If you have registered your name in these recruitment agencies, then these agencies have a responsibility to giving information about the latest job vacancies. In addition, you should submit your resume with these agencies as soon as possible to getting the best job.


Things to remember about renting the car

Taking a car on rent makes your trip and traveling very much easy and comfortable, and one can become free to go anywhere if they take a car on rent. It is an idea option to go with if you want to make your trip more entertaining. Still, there are many things which an individual should remember when he will go to take a car on rent, and here we will discuss them so that you can find the best car for you. You can check the services of the car rental marbella‌‌ services so that you can get to know that what you can expect from the service provider. So let’s start the discussion about those things which one should remember.

Choosing the company

It is the most important thing which one should remember when you are going to choose the best car rental services. You can check out from the online platforms and can ask from the residential people of there to know which the best car rental company is. It is an obvious thing that when one will take the car on rent in advance so that when you will land, then you will not find the problem there. So try to find the best car rental company there.

Pricing factors

You should look at those factors which affects the price while renting the car. You should check that you want the manual car or the automatic ones. There are many other factors also such as GPS and other advanced features which can affect the price while renting the car.


You can get the insurance also of the car which you have taken on rent from the car rental services. The insurance which has been taken from the car rental services can cost an individual extremely high. If one will take the insurance, then it will save an individual from that cost which one has to bear for the damage of the car in future.

Ask from people

It is also the best way by which one can find the best car rental service for them. You should check out the references and ask from the people also that which one is the best. If you will hear about the one company again and again and everyone is recommended about that, then you should check about that also

Now find the best car rental marbella‌‌ services and makes your trip better.

What Are The Ways To Propose Your Partner For Marriage?

Many individuals couldn’t be able to express their views and feeling in from of their partner. It is because of shyness and lack of words. Just make sure that if your feelings will attach with them, then there will be a chance of saying loving words without any hesitation. You should understand your partner feeling and thinking as what they want from you. It is in the form of pleasing their needs and make them happy with your attraction.

Always consider marriage proposal NYC as the best service provider in the country. They are merely responding to provide you effective service in the form of possible ideas, planning of location, capturing the moment and can give you advice and all such ways to show in front of your partner at the time of marriage proposal. Your partner will surely feel happy and can enjoy the entire life with you. The best attitude makes your relation and bonding strength.

What ideas should be considered?

Following are some points that everyone one should considered it foremost. It will make you knowledgeable and can provide the ways to propose your partner.

  • Choose a favourite place: Before making a proposal, you should consider various places and romantic destination so that you both could feel romance in a comfortable way. The place could be the favourite one especially for your partner that could be in the manner of shocking surprise. It is important to decorate their life beautifully among various ways that include theme and your attitude towards them.
  • Surprise performance: Every beautiful surprise is considered with your effective nature that concludes behaviour and attitude towards them. Treat them gracefully and fulfil all the suitable desires so that they can feel happy and enhance their mood towards you. If you get any problem them, you do consider marriage proposal NYC and tell them about your upcoming plans.
  • Fulfil their desires: There desires for you will make it possible in the way of accepting your proposal. It is a foremost method to feel them good and attract towards your attitude. Give them shocking surprises, gifts and such things that can be responsible for saying you that I am in love with you.

So you should pay attention to all these above mentioned points then it may able to increase the possibility of accepting the proposal. Just to learn various methods to propose will be beneficial to feel happy and loveable.

Ways to make air coolers more efficient

Summers are very tough to pass because of its high hot temperature. Every year temperature is rising which is creating a problem for the human body and causing many skin issues. Numbers of people are using air conditioners because of the hot environment without knowing that how it will affect their body. AC can cause many problems in your body and makes your body numb also. You should go for the coolers and opt it this summer for you. Coolers are also a good option which you can follow, and it does not harm the health also.

There are some sites which can help you to suggest the buying guide and one of them is the foodplusice site. It is important to maintain your coolers also to increase its life longevity also. If you want to know that how you can maintain them, then you can take help from the post. We are here to discuss some of the ways by which you can maintain the coolers.


There are many ways by which you can maintain your coolers. Some of those ways are:-

Ventilation in the room

The coolers work better when the room’s windows and doors are open. If you want to take the bets of your cooler, then you should use the coolers where proper ventilation is presented. The best place where you can use your cooler is near the window.

Ice in water

It is also an effective way by which you can use your cooler, and that is to add ice in water. Of you want perfect cooling as like the air conditioners, then you can add ice in water by which you will get much cooling in your room. When you add ice in water, then it will make the pad cooler which results to pass cooler air.

Take care of the cooler

If you want to take the best use of the cooler, then make sure that you will take care of the cooler well. It will be good enough if you will check the cooler before using it. You should use the brush to clean the cooler so that it will work well and provide you more cooling.

Hope that you are satisfied with the above information and will use the coolers to make your summer better for knowing that how you should buy it, you can take help from the foodplusice site.

Losing Weight Dangers You Should Know About

Losing Weight Dangers are real. This mean you should be conscious of these.

Side Effects from Diet Pills

Diet Pills Look Cool. They are at some level. But they might kill you. Common complications include :

  • heart rate disorder
  • stomach trouble such as nausea
  • higher blood pressure levels
  • nervous agitation, emotional unrest and even paranoia
  • Read beyond marketing verbiage, reach beyond unqualified advice and OTC/Internet Buying easiness.
  • Take only medically approved pills like Phen24
  • Particularly avoid diuretic pills because their Losing Weight effect is ILLUSORY (very short term). They cause dehydratation and kidney problems which can be really serious.
  • Understand that pills should only be use if they fit to your case and with real medical advice, I’m no kidding, people died of this.

Really Stupid  Practices

In a world that presses hard, not everyone seeks noor founds good advice. And stupid practices lead to disasters everyday.

  • Do Not Drop Meals. Ever. This practice in fact has the reverse effect of making you taking weight, and repeating might lead to severe impacts on your body.
  • Take Medical Advice. Do not belief the thousands con artists of Diet Marketing, nor believe such a real undertaking should be taken lightly by yourself.
  • Your Teen-Age Kate-Moss-Would-Be practice of vomiting is Total, Definitive and Useless CRAP. Same for other anorexia practices, such as taking Laxatives or using Ipecac Syrup. Those trap you in a deformed image of yourself that favors ill-being and further anorexia, and other serious health trouble, setting up your metabolism to take more weight instead of losing weight.

Nutrients Deficiency

The power of this nutrient, the bad effects of this one, the miracle findings of Doctor Whatever on the effects of this other nutrient… They all miss the big picture.

By orienting our diet, we generally take less of the nutrients required for an healthy and well-being bearing life.

There are good Carbohydrates and Fats. A deficit of these would bring you of cancer, brain starvation, osteoporosis, and so on.

  • Maintain Variery in the things you eat

Abuse of Good Ideas

Some really efficient Options that actually help your Losing Weight can be harmful if you abuse them !

  • Do not starve yourself into exhaustion or worse (in fact, not eating as a final result of taking more weight). Watch at how tiring your Losing Weight turns out to be.
  • Do not exercise go beyond your exhaustion limits. Some really painful and serious injuries might result.

Make your Losing Weight a well-informed and well-thought undertaking. It will make it way easier, secure, incredibly more enjoyable,  and it will make your results really worthy.

Easy Diets – No Surrender Weight Loss

If you are frustrated about the weight you gained this year and looked online for easy diets there are over four million sites you can visit. It seems everyone has an easy diet to show you. So before you jump into this pool of words, let’s step back and see what it is you are really looking for.

The word “easy” can mean different things depending on the circumstances. If you have only 5 pounds to lose in order to wear certain clothing to an event two weeks away, there can be a quick and easy answer. “Easy” takes on a different meaning if you have been carrying around an extra 30 pounds for over a year and the doctor advises you to lose weight with PhenQ. Easy can be defined as something that requires little effort or thought and is not difficult to endure or undergo.

Let’s go back to the 5 pounds to comfortably fit into certain clothing. It’s easy, significantly reduce the amount of sugar and salt you eat, reduce meal portion size, stay away from fast food, and you should be able to lose those five pounds and maybe a few more within two weeks. Done, no problem, except when you go back to your regular eating habits you will gain back all you lost plus some.

The 30 pound scenario becomes a little more involved. But the same principle is true, eat fewer calories than you burn and you will lose weight. Good nutrition is important and, if you want to maintain a healthy weight, you must do physical exercise on a regular basis.

Speaking of healthy, it is recommended that you get checked out by your doctor before beginning any weight loss or exercise program. Don’t run the risk of potential health issues or injuries by skipping this point.

There are many fad diets that people try, often times moving from one diet to another in an attempt to reach their weight loss goals. Let’s take a quick look at some:

The Fat Burning Breakfast

We are told by many sources that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many people actually skip breakfast, or have just a piece of toast along with a sip of juice and a gulp of coffee. There are foods that provide good nutrition and help you burn calories. Unfortunately what many people consider a good breakfast consists of processed grains and sweets. This works in the opposite direction by adding fat and calories.

The Low Carb Diet

Reducing the amount of carbohydrates you eat results in your body producing less insulin which makes it a lot easier for your body to process the sugars you do eat. You will lose weight, but the main concern is about getting balanced nutrition. Carbs play a significant role in the health of our body and should be a part of a well structured diet.

South Beach Diet

I can write about this one from personal experience. There is no question; if you strictly follow the directions of this diet you will lose weight. It worked for me, but, yes I gained it all back…and some. The sticking point was there wasn’t a lot of flexibility in what you could eat. There are only two or three foods I don’t care for but I found this diet too restrictive for me.

The key to “easy diets” is in your mindset. When you discover a proven diet plan that makes sense to you, where you find flexibility and feel that you have some control over the direction you are going, it becomes an easy diet.n.

What is the difference between Graphic and Website Designer?

Did you know millions of people are hiring a professional for the website designing tasks? If you want to create a website, then you have to hire a professional for SEO and Designing tasks. All things start from the website designing. Therefore, you should hire a professional designer for the task. However, if you want to promote your business via posters, Flyers then you should hire a professional for it. With the help of a Graphic designer, one will grab high-quality poster at cheaper worth.  Graphic and website designer both are quite important for every business.

If you want to run a successful business, then a professional designer is mandatory for you. As per professionals, most of the designers are versatile because they are creating a designer for website and flyers. Let’s discuss the main difference between Graphic and Website Designer.

Benefits of Website Designer

Nothing is better than website designer that will assist you in promoting the business. You should always look out a professional website designer. Let’s discuss the benefits of a website designer.

  • Current Marketing strategies

Nowadays, most of the professional website designers are making the use of the latest marketing tricks on the website. Is it reliable or not? It is really beneficial because they are saving the cost of promotions and time. Like, you don’t have to spend money on the flyers and other posters. However, you should visit and grab more information about website design.

  • website speed

Along with the website designer, they are working hard on the website speed. After hiring a professional website designer, you will able to witness some improvement in the speed of the page.

After choosing the professional website designer, you will grab above-mentioned potential benefits.

Graphic designer

Nowadays, it would be quite difficult a company who aren’t hiring a graphic designer. It is really beneficial because they are creating the high-quality flyers and brochures at the cheaper worth.

  • High-quality Flyer designer

If you are hiring an experienced designer, then you will get a high-quality flyer at discounted worth. The best thing is that they will deliver the brochures at the perfect time.

  • Increase the awareness

If you are promoting your business via flyers or brochures, then you will able to increase the awareness of your brand with ease.

Moving further, both designers are quite important for the business.

Finding the Best Gift for Your Fiancée

Finding the perfect gift for your fiancée may seem like a confusing task. However, it may not be as difficult as it seems if you do a little planning. Whether she admits it or not, every girl loves to be pampered. If you can think of something that makes her feel pampered, you are sure to succeed in your gift selection.

Here are a few ideas you may use when you select the perfect gift for your fiancée.

A basket full of beauty products may be a great gift for a girl. Focus on the contents of the hamper as well as on the hamper itself. What should be in the basket? Do include a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, scrub, mask and wrap in the hamper.

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Will Congress Help Families of Servicemen Killed By Iranian Terrorism

UPDATE: The committee approved the special language assisting the families by a unanimous voice vote on February 2. The language was changed last night to limit its application to Iran, and not to the other designated state sponsors, in order to more easily enact and implement the change in banking law.

In 1983, an Iranian suicide agent exploded a massive truck bomb, destroying a U.S military barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. The blast killed 241 American Marines, soldiers and sailors and injured hundreds more. The mass murder was a brutal, unprovoked attack on American servicemen. It also was a terrorist assault on the United States by the most active sponsor of State terrorism in the world, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Over 1000 family members of the victims exercised their constitutional right to hold Iran accountable and sued in U.S. courts for that vicious attack. In 2007, the Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia found Iran liable for the Beirut bombing. He ordered it to pay $2.65 billion to the surviving victims and families. The families’ attorneys identified an account of Iranian funds, laundered through Europe into the U.S. and stashed in an account at a bank in New York City, and the judge froze that account in order to satisfy the judgment.

But central banks of countries are granted immunity from attachment, even if the central bank is of a state sponsor of terrorism. The Iranian central bank has already notified a federal court in NYC of its intent to file a motion to lift the attachment. Absent special legislation, the order freezing the account could be lifted, and Iran could regain the funds in the account for use in its nuclear proliferation and terrorism activities.

So the families have turned to Congress to ask for legislation that would
clarify that state central banks of terrorist states (Iran, Cuba, Sudan and North Korea) forfeit the immunity when their assets are surreptitiously laundered into the United States through money laundering jurisdictions. The bill language would affect only the central banks of the four state sponsors of terrorism, when they are caught surreptitiously laundering assets through the U.S. financial system.

On Thursday, the Senate Banking Committee will act on S. 1048, the Senate version of a bill designed to impose new sanctions on Iran. The House approved their version of this bill in December. The families are asking the Banking Committee to add the special language described above to the bill prior to action by the full Senate. I have been working with the families as a paid consultant as they seek justice through the enactment of this special legislation.

Unfortunately, the Obama Administration is opposed to the families’ effort, apparently concerned that other countries might refuse to invest their funds in the U.S. or treat the Federal Reserve similarly. The families responded in a press release on Monday. Spokesperson Lynn Derbyshire, whose brother was killed in the attacks, said, “Everyone agrees that the most effective way to hold Iran accountable, short of war, is to deliver a blow to its government finances. The Obama Administration has been encouraging other nations to impose economic sanctions on Iran. Incredibly, however, it is opposing a clear and effective way to take $2.65 billion out of the Iranian financial system and directly punish Iran for a specific act of terrorism Iran would like America to forget.”

The families deserve some measure of justice and the Congress must act to prevent Iran from accessing the $2+ billion in frozen funds. Hopefully the Senate Banking Committee will ignore the Obama Administration and add the special language to the Iran sanctions bill.

Quote of the Day Cato Institute Slams Caps on Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Awards

Reducing physician liability for negligent care by capping court awards, all else equal, will reduce the resources allocated to medical professional liability underwriting and oversight and make many patients worse off. Legislators who see mandatory liability caps as a cost-containment tool should look elsewhere.”

That’s the conclusion of a new study released by the most respected libertarian think tank in Washington, declaring that capping medical malpractice damages is a very bad idea for consumers, and further declaring that awards in medmal lawsuits aren’t excessive compared to actual damages. This study will rock the AMA’s world, even as it continues to press Congress for special protection through an unconstitutional limit on awards in all health care-related cases. The study wasn’t conducted by trial lawyers or a bunch of liberals, but by an academic for the Cato Institute, which has lots of fans among the new House Republican majority and among the GOP Senate minority.

Read it yourself and send it to your favorite tort reform proponents. Here are selections from the Executive Summary:

Supporters of capping court awards for medical malpractice argue that caps will make health care more affordable. It may not be that simple. First, caps on awards may result in some patients not receiving adequate compensation for injuries they suffer as a result of physician negligence. Second, because caps limit physician liability, they can also mute incentives for physicians to reduce the risk of negligent injuries

This paper reviews an existing body of work that shows that medical malpractice awards do track actual damages. Furthermore, this paper provides evidence that medical malpractice insurance carriers use various tools to reduce the risk of patient injury, including experience rating of physicians’ malpractice premiums. High-risk physicians face higher malpractice insurance premiums than their less-risky peers

In particular, caps on damages would reduce physicians’ and carriers’ incentives to keep track of and reduce practice risk. Laws that shield government-employed physicians from malpractice liability eliminate insurance company oversight of physicians working for government agencies

There’s even more in the body of the study, such as:

Some observers are skeptical that medical malpractice awards are the driving force behind excessive tests and procedures, claiming that physicians deliver these services because they are risk-averse, to please patients, or to generate additional income rather than to avoid liability.

Furthermore, defensive medicine is not necessarily undesirable. A well-functioning malpractice system would not eliminate defensive medicine. Rather, it would discourage the use of inefficient defensive medicine, where the expected costs of a test or treatment exceed the expected benefits, and promote efficient defensive medicine, where expected benefits exceed expected costs.

Opponents of damage caps rightly point out that caps shift the costs of malpractice injuries from negligent providers to their victims.

The study recounts the moving story of a tort reform lobbyist who became the victim of his success in capping damages after he had suffered from medical negligence, and later wrote, “Make no mistake, damage caps… remove the only effective deterrent to negligent medical care.”

It also slams state medical boards for letting bad doctors continue to practice. “State medical boards do a poor job of informing the public about high-risk physicians, often to the point of protecting those physicians from public scrutiny. Another mark against the state system is that the regulatory apparatus can be manipulated by special interest groups to limit competition through scope-of-practice restrictions.”

Every Member of Congress, especially those on the deficit reduction “Supercommittee,” should be forced to read this study.

Why Doesnt the US Chamber Mind Its Own Business

What would you think if the owner of a grocery store chain took aim at the private financing of chicken farms, and demanded that the federal government ban partners from investing in the farms in exchange for a share of the gross revenues? Wouldn’t you think that critic shouldn’t butt his nose into someone else’s business arrangements, and that Uncle Sam should stay out of the business of chicken farming?

And let’s say that critic also charged that private farm financing encourages the farm operators to test questionable chicken-raising methods and produce substandard chickens. And that third-party financing raises a serious ethical question whether the farmer is more interested in the quality of his chickens or the outside financial backers. Wouldn’t you think that the critic is also illogical in his thinking about the farmer’s motivation and methods to produce good chickens? Isn’t it more logical to believe that a chicken farmer would protect his partners (and his own position) by trying to raise the best chickens, using the best methods?

Yet that is the unique logic behind what the President & CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said in his annual “State of American Business” address. Thomas Donohue said the following:

We’re also aiming to stop the alarming rise of third-party litigation financing. That’s where outside investors fund lawsuits in exchange for a share of the award or settlement. This encourages the filing of frivolous claims. It invites testing questionable claims in court. It provides an incentive to prolong cases. And it raises serious ethical questions. Who does the lawyer really represent–his client or the outside financial backers? In our business, we hear dumb ideas every day of the week. But this one takes the cake!

Really? Let’s walk through that statement.

First, the financing arrangements of any legally operated private law firm and its lawsuits are nobody else’s business, and there’s nothing in the U.S. Constitution that makes it Uncle Sam’s or any state government’s business. I don’t care if you hate trial lawyers more than any profession in America, it’s their business and their client’s decision to file a particular lawsuit. And if the lawyers are running the firm and filing lawsuits legally, it’s nobody’s business how they get financed and paid (assuming, of course, they’re not publicly selling stock in their firm). No privately held member of the U.S. Chamber wants Uncle Sam overseeing its financing arrangements. Isn’t that why the Chamber fought the Dodd-Frank bill and actually sues to prevent excessive regulation of American business? What makes privately owned law firms so unique that the federal government should regulate their financial deals? And what would the Chamber say if Uncle Sam pried into its dues structure and contributors’ list? Law firms are already subject to the the same government oversight regulations and mechanisms as any other privately held business.

Second, how does using third-party financing in any business invite poor decision-making with substandard inputs and a deterioration in quality? Why would a lawyer want to look like an idiot to his investors by filing crummy lawsuits with no chance of victory? Where in American business, or in any business in the world for that matter, does that happen? What made Mr. Donohue ascribe that type of illogical behavior to trial lawyers? Does he believe that third-party financing of any service industry results in poorer quality?

And if third-party financing of lawsuits is such a “dumb idea,” as Mr. Donohue put it, why does it happen at all? Doesn’t he trust “destructive capitalism” to put an end to any business practice that doesn’t work?

Third, the statement is evidence of the Chamber’s distrustful attitude towards local juries. Don’t they think that a group of average Americans is smart enough to smell a truly frivolous claim from a mile away and deny the claim? The Founding Fathers trusted local juries and millions of Americans still do – apparently including the Chamber, whose member companies bring lawsuits to court all the time?

Nothing in that statement makes any sense to me, except that it’s another way for the Chamber to infringe on our 7th Amendment right to a civil jury trial, and to cap the revenues earned by trial lawyers in their business. The business community fights against federal laws which would cap compensation for Wall Street executives, oil company executives, and any other business owner in America, and I agree with that position. But when it comes to contingent fee trial lawyers, the business community does a 180 and hypocritically wants Uncle Sam to tell the lawyer how much he can make and NO MORE.

The “cake” in this discussion belong to the Chamber for proposing such a dumb, unconstitutional and un-American idea.

Theres Nothing Conservative About Federal Law Preempting State Laws 7th Amendment Rights

Today a conference committee of U.S. House and Senate members is meeting again to try to complete a single bill to markedly change regulation of financial institutions by the federal government in response to the Wall Street crash of 2008-9. This area of law has been only the latest in which those who disregard or minimize the 7th Amendment (and its “Constitutional cousin,” the 10th Amendment) seek to preempt state statutory and common law, in this case through federal preemption of state banking and consumer protection laws. State officials, especially Attorneys General, and members of Congress assert that federal preemption hobbles the states’ ability to protect consumers from the types of abusive lending practices which contributed to the financial meltdown. As one commentator noted, “In the run-up to the mortgage meltdown, federal bank regulators fought hard to pre-empt any state efforts to crack down on shady bank practices. A number of states, like North Carolina and New York, were trying to crack down on abusive mortgage practices by subprime lenders. But many of the lenders were subsidiaries of national banks, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency declared that states had no right to touch them whatsoever. The feds did absolutely nothing to stop the explosion of no-doc loans, option ARMs, deceptive teaser rates and hidden ‘yield-spread premiums.'”

Federal preemption abrogates 7th Amendment rights by immunizing the affected industry from civil suits, with no accountability for negligence; it leaves injured consumers with no means of seeking recovery for injuries caused by the product or service. Federal bureaucrats love expanding their power and ensuring their permanency by preempting state law, and in recent years they’ve certainly exercised that power. Bureaucrats in the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Department of Homeland Security, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, Transportation Safety Administration and Federal Railroad Administration have all joined in writing federal preemption into regulations.

The courts have joined in too, with the Supreme Court deciding in Riegel v. Medtronic that FDA approval of certain medical devices automatically preempted state common law, resulting in the dismissal of hundreds of lawsuits. The February 2008 decision ignored Congressional intent and disregarded 30 years of experience under the 1976 Medical Device Amendments (MDA), during which FDA regulation and state tort law worked together to protect consumers from dangerous devices. The Riegel decision gives total immunity to device manufacturers who fail to adequately warn consumers about device risks. In Riegel, the device that failed was a Medtronic balloon catheter used in heart surgery. Riegel needed additional surgery but eventually died. Now, thanks to the decision, Riegel’s heirs are left holding the bag for the manufacturer’s negligence. The MDA authorized the FDA to preempt the numerous state requirements only in statutory law. But the court decision turned the simple preemption provisions of the MDA into a vehicle giving total immunity from any accountability, with no checks and balances.

There’s nothing “conservative” about giving a federal bureaucrat life-or-death power over the average American sitting hundreds or thousands of miles away. Federal preemption is a blank check for Washington bureaucrats to expand their sphere of influence and inject themselves into our lives. Real advocates for the 7th and 10th Amendments should recognize that trading they’re trading freedom for a phony concept of “efficiency,” something which the Founding Fathers rejected.

Tea Party Leader Challenges House GOPs Fidelity to 10th Amendment

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips slams H.R. 5 in a post on the TPN website and a newsletter sent today to TPN members and newsletter subscribers. Says Phillips in his newsletter:

The 10th Amendment does not say that the powers granted to the states can be usurped simply because the right party is in power.

The most recent instance on selective 10th Amendment interpretation is occurring around the IPAB repeal bill. The IPAB is the Independent Payment Advisory Board, or as it is also known, the death panel.

The IPAB repeal ought to be fairly simple. Even some Democrats are on board with it. The Republican leadership decided to play stupid political tricks and attach the Medical Malpractice bill to the IPAB repeal bill.

Whether you think tort reform is a good idea or not, it is an issue that belongs to the states, not to the federal government. Tort law has always been governed by the states.

The 10th Amendment means what it says. It is not a campaign slogan that we throw out when it is convenient and ignore the rest of the time. The 10th Amendment is one of the best defenses we have against tyranny.

We supported Republicans in 2010 because we believed them. We did not elect them because we thought they were hypocrites.

We in the Tea Party do not insist in ideological purity but we insist that the candidates we support, support the Constitution. That means all of it.

Not just the parts we find convenient.

Multiple House Republicans will co-sponsor an amendment to strip the tort reform language from the combined bill and leave the good IPAB repeal language. They need to know that real conservatives out there support them!

Quote of the Day Republican Rep Louie Gohmert Protects State Tort Law

“When it comes to the States’ tort system, the State court system, it’s none of our business unless there is an adequate Federal nexus. That’s guided a couple of votes that may have surprised people that I made, but I simply could not support Federal takeover of State tort law.”

That was Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas, who not only talks the talk of limited government under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but walks the walk. When H.R. 5, the bill to mandate federal limits on awards from all medical malpractice and health care-related lawsuits, was under consideration, he spoke out against it and voted against it on the floor of the U.S. House. Last week, during debate on the defense authorization bill, Rep. Gohmert once again stood up for the rights of states to run their civil justice systems without federal interference from Congress. Here’s more from those floor remarks:

“Congress has this power to create the courts, Federal courts. States take care of their own State system. It’s one of the reasons, though, that I voted against a couple of bills recently, because medical malpractice reform was being dictated from here in Congress for every State in the country.

I love what Texas did with medical malpractice reform in its State court system, but it’s a State court system. I also know that if the Congress decides we need to start dictating to every State what their State court system can or can’t do, then when a far more liberal Congress comes in they will be able to say, Look, you so-called “conservative” Republicans dictated to the States what their State tort law should be, so now we’re going to dictate to the States what we think it should be, and it ends up being a Federal takeover of something that is entirely a State system.

THAT is a federalist! I hope I have the chance soon to discuss with Rep. Gohmert the latest research on the Texas state medmal law, showing that there was no “hemorrhage of doctors” prior to its imposition and no big increase afterwards. In the meantime, it’s great to see this authentic constitutional conservative standing up against the agenda of the medical groups demanding a Washington takeover of state law and a Beltway Cabal that would dictate health care policy from Washington.

Quote of the Day State Constitutions on Jury Trial for Civil Suits Part III

On July 16 and on June 29, I posted sections from selected state constitutions which specifically guarantee the right to a jury trial for civil suits. It’s time for Part III in the series, with more quotes:

“The right of trial by jury shall remain inviolate. Juries in criminal cases in which a sentence of death or imprisonment for thirty years or more is authorized by law shall consist of twelve persons. In all criminal cases the unanimous consent of the jurors shall be necessary to render a verdict. In all other cases, the number of jurors, not less than six, and the number required to render a verdict, shall be specified by law.” — Arizona Constitution, Article 2, Section 23. Additionally, Section 31 of Article 2 adds, “No law shall be enacted in this state limiting the amount of damages to be recovered for causing the death or injury of any person.”

“Trial by jury shall be as heretofore, and the right thereof remain inviolate. The General assembly may provide, however, by law, that a verdict may be rendered by not less than five-sixths of the jury in any civil case.” — Pennsylvania Constitution, Section 6.

“The right of trial by jury shall remain inviolate; but the general assembly may authorize trial by a jury of a less number than twelve men in inferior courts; but no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” — Iowa Constitution, Section 9.

“(H)e or she shall not be compelled to give evidence against himself or herself, nor shall he or she be deprived of life, liberty or property, unless by the judgment of his or her peers or by the law of the land.” — Delaware Constitution, Section 7.

“The right of trial by Jury shall be secured to all and remain inviolate forever; but a Jury trial may be waived by the parties in all civil cases in the manner to be prescribed by law; and in civil cases, if three fourths of the Jurors agree upon a verdict it shall stand and have the same force and effect as a verdict by the whole Jury, Provided, the Legislature by a law passed by a two thirds vote of all the members elected to each branch thereof may require a unanimous verdict notwithstanding this Provision.” — Nevada Constitution, Article I, Section 3.

“The right to trial by jury shall remain inviolate, except that the court shall render judgment without the verdict of a jury in all civil cases where no issuable defense is filed and where a jury is not demanded in writing by either party.” — Georgia Constitution, Article I, Section I, Paragraph XI.

Many other state constitutions simply state that the right to a trial by jury “shall remain inviolate,” with no language to differentiate between civil and criminal cases. For instance, Section 13 of the Illinois Constitution states, “The right of trial by jury as heretofore enjoyed shall remain inviolate.” The official annotated version of the Illinois Constitution includes the following explanation: “The U.S. Constitution’s Seventh Amendment guarantee of a right to jury trial in civil cases does not apply to state courts. But this section and its predecessors in earlier Illinois Constitutions protect the right in both civil and criminal cases. The right of trial by jury ‘as heretofore enjoyed’ has been held to refer to the right both under English common law and as it existed at the time of adoption of each Illinois Constitution.”

Tea Partiers Conservatives Should Oppose Federal Law Limiting Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Last night in his State of the Union speech, President Obama indicated his support for some type of federal law limiting lawsuits for medical malpractice. And this week, House Republicans introduced H.R. 5, officially titled the “Help Efficient, Accessible, Low-cost, Timely Healthcare (HEALTH) Act of 2011,” which is identical to a bill passed by the House GOP in 2005. The bill has three main features:

1) It contains a $250,000 cap on non-economic damages (more restrictive in its design than any cap enacted by any state) and stringent limits on attorney’s fees;
2) It applies not only to medical malpractice claims, but also to drug and device cases, nursing home cases, and claims against the insurance industry; and
3) The bill preempts state laws that provide additional protections to patients.

I’m disapppointed that the President and the sponsors of H.R. 5 have targeted this sector of the Constitutionally protected civil justice system for a federal takeover. When Pres. Obama raised it during the SOTU, conservative commentator Ramesh Ponnuru immediately called it “one of the Republicans’ crummiest ideas” and added, “There’s no need for a federal takeover of medical-malpractice rules.” EXACTLY. But apparently the President and senior members of the GOP (the party of “limited government”) now aim to limit your 7th Amendment right by using a government mandate, exactly what the GOP opposes in ObamaCare. Bizarre.

Unfortunately, the bill breaks the House Republicans’ promise to “stick with the Constitution”: it enhances the power of the federal judiciary and Executive Branch over the rights of average Americans; it won’t stop medical malpractice; and it attacks rising health care costs with the wrong solution. The bill provides a marker for the differences between the too-business-friendly Republican establishment (the “K Street Republicans” and “Blue Bloods”) who dominate Washington, and the Tea Party-oriented, limited-government Americans of all parties (the “Main Street Republicans” and “Blue Collars”) who swept the Republican Party into the House majority in the last election. Since last June, I have been posting here on the history and nature of our Constitutionally protected and unalienable right to file civil suits, and the dangers to our rights. More recently, I’ve written on the relationship between the 7th Amendment, its Constitutional “uncle,” the 10th Amendment, and two clauses in the Constitution which are abused simultaneously by President Obama and anti-Obama, anti-7th Amendment Republicans. This bill is the first real test of the fidelity of the Republican Party and Tea Party groups to the Constitution’s strict limits on federal power and to the promotion of individual and states’ rights in the Bill of Rights.

Here are a set of reasons why Tea Partiers, Constitutional conservatives, Main Street Republicans and Blue Collars should vigorously oppose H.R. 5 and any federal law limiting medical malpractice lawsuits:

1. The Constitutional basis for medical malpractice tort reform is also the basis for ObamaCare, and both violate the 10th Amendment’s protections of states’ rights. When he introduced H.R. 5, Rep. Phil Gingrey cited the language of the Commerce Clause: of the Constitution. I wrote about the abuse of the Commerce Clause of the Constitution in separate posts on December 6, on December 14, and on January 4. Simply put, the pro-medmal-reform and pro-ObamaCare forces depend on the theory that the Commerce Clause trumps the protection of individual and states’ rights in the Bill of Rights. That’s a formula for a slide into dictatorship. And as I wrote on December 6, Founding Father George Mason foresaw the holes in the Constitution and argued against ratification of the Constitution without a Bill of Rights.

2. A better name for any such bill is the “Abortion Butchers & Sexual Abusers Civil Immunity Act of 2011.” If enacted, doctors who kill babies and their mothers (see the Gosnell case) could leave jail after their sentence is up, then stop by the bank to pick up their blood money and start over. Why would a pro-lifer (like me) ever want to limit the amount of money an abortion victim could take from killers and butchers in a civil suit?! And it even protects doctors who commit intentional torts, such as sexual abuse! The broad scope of H.R. 5 also protects bad drug and device companies which have been criminally prosecuted.

3. The bill does nothing to stop medical malpractice, which kills up to 100,000 Americans annually and injures up to ten times that number. The bill doesn’t improve hospital hygiene, medical records technology, or any other medical practice. Medical malpractice lawsuits can’t exist if there’s little or no medical malpractice.

4. We have a medical malpractice crisis, but not a medical liability crisis. The number of medical malpractice claims has been headed down – yes, DOWN – for years, down 15 percent from 1999 to 2008. The insurance industry’s own data reveals that the amount they’ve paid out for malpractice claims dropped by over 40% between 2002 and 2008, when adjusted for inflation. H.R. 5 is like fixing a flat tire by emptying the radiator. It misses the point and attacks a non-problem.

5. This bill would increase government spending, because those unable to hold wrongdoers accountable will become dependent on Medicare and Medicaid for payment of their medical costs. The taxpayers will be forced to pay for incompetent doctors and for drugmakers’ and medical device manufacturers’ faulty products.

6. Why would the GOP immunize industry groups which endorsed ObamaCare and enabled its enactment? The AMA and Big Pharma gave us ObamaCare’s unconstitutional mandate, budget-busting spending hikes, and huge tax increases. THANKS FOR NOTHING.

7. Medical malpractice today, religious liberty and gun rights tomorrow? There is no differentiation regarding medical malpractice lawsuits under the Constitution. This would be the same as capping damages in suits against schools firing Christian professors or limiting the size of gun clips.

8. The Founding Fathers were never for tort reform. Back in September, I offered to buy the best dinner in Washington to anyone to shows me just ONE pro-tort reform quote by any Founding Father. I’ve had no takers and I’m not worried, because none of them proposed limiting our 7th Amendment rights.

To the contrary, the Founding Fathers endorsed and protected the “unalienable right” that a citizen could bring civil claims to a local court of law, before a jury of peers. That right had been expressly recognized in British law for centuries, back to the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215. The posts linked in the right sidebar on this site’s homepage provide ample proof that the Founding Fathers were for civil suits and for the lawyers who bring them, period.

Surprise Bipartisan US House Bill Supports Civil Suits Against Unfair Eminent Domain Actions

On Tuesday afternoon, the U.S. House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution will hold a hearing on a bill introduced last week, H.R. 1433, titled The Private Property Rights Protection Act of 2011. Co-sponsored by a bipartisan group of Representatives – yes, including many Republicans – the bill is aimed at stopping municipalities from condemning private property for private land development. Among the witnesses will be Ms. Lori Ann Vendetti, a homeowner in Long Beach, New Jersey, one of a group of homeowners who successfully fought the city’s efforts to take their homes and allow developers to make millions building upscale condos.

The hearing and bill should be of great interest to anybody who promotes and advocates Americans’ right to utilize the civil litigation process and the rights protected by the 7th Amendment to a jury trial for civil suits. Section 4 of the bill creates a private right of action to fight local eminent domain actions, as follows:

SEC. 4. Private right of action.

(a) Cause of Action.–Any (1) owner of private property whose property is subject to eminent domain who suffers injury as a result of a violation of any provision of this Act with respect to that property, or (2) any tenant of property that is subject to eminent domain who suffers injury as a result of a violation of any provision of this Act with respect to that property, may bring an action to enforce any provision of this Act in the appropriate Federal or State court. A State shall not be immune under the 11th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States from any such action in a Federal or State court of competent jurisdiction. In such action, the defendant has the burden to show by clear and convincing evidence that the taking is not for economic development. Any such property owner or tenant may also seek an appropriate relief through a preliminary injunction or a temporary restraining order.

(b) Limitation on Bringing Action.–An action brought by a property owner or tenant under this Act may be brought if the property is used for economic development following the conclusion of any condemnation proceedings condemning the property of such property owner or tenant, but shall not be brought later than seven years following the conclusion of any such proceedings.

© Attorneys’ Fee and Other Costs.–In any action or proceeding under this Act, the court shall allow a prevailing plaintiff a reasonable attorneys’ fee as part of the costs, and include expert fees as part of the attorneys’ fee.

This is precisely one of the scenarios that the Founders designed when drafting the Bill of Rights – the individual fighting in court to protect his property rights against the power of the sovereign. On these pages, I’ve been warning those conservative groups which back “tort reform” that civil suits and trial lawyers are the expression of our unalienable right to a civil jury trial, that the civil litigation process has its roots in centuries of American and British law back to the Magna Carta in 1215, and that there are numerous conservative causes for which trial lawyers file civil suits every day. Last September, I wrote Seven Reasons Why Protecting 7th Amendment Should Be Republican & Tea Party Priority, and Reason No. 3 was Civil Suits Protect Religious Liberty, Gun Rights, and Property Rights, and I specifically mentioned those lawsuits filed against unfair eminent domain actions. But I haven’t seen a lot of acceptance by many mainstream “conservative” groups of this piece of basic American philosophy and history. Instead, much of the energy this year in Congress is being directed at “tort reforming” our unalienable rights away when any health care-related lawsuits, through attempting to enact H.R. 5, which I’ve discussed often on this site.

It’s fascinating that many of the Republican co-sponsors of H.R. 1433 are also co-sponsors of H.R. 5. The two bills couldn’t be more contradictory in intent, spirit, and basis in American Constitutional law. It should make the hearing interesting to watch, which you can do from the committee’s website, linked above.