A Special Welcome to Tea Partiers All Constitutional Conservatives

I’ve watched the development of the new wave of grassroots “Constitutional conservatism” and the Tea Party movement with great interest and hope, and it reminds me of the rise of the Reagan Revolution, in which I participated as a campaigner in 1980 at Notre Dame Law School (where I met him) and then as a political appointee during his Presidency. The national debate over the increasing size and scope of the federal government, especially during enactment of the health care and stimulus bills, has sparked an entire movement dedicated to the rediscovery of the principles of limited government and individual rights. I agree with every word of the “Mt. Vernon Statement” and applaud the conservative activists who signed it. I invite them and all like-minded Americans to honor the 7th Amendment as a bulwark against an encroaching federal government that takes a bite from our wallets and steps on our hopes and dreams. On this website, I’m going to discuss, in detail, the ways in which the 7th Amendment is being attacked almost daily, from legislative proposals for federal preemption of state law and artificial liability limits, to court decisions with judge-made limits on the filing of civil suits. Defending our Constitutional rights requires a vigilant, principled defense of each amendment in the Bill of Rights – remember, the man who drafted the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, James Madison, simultaneously drafted the 7th Amendment right to a jury trial in civil suits and called it “one of the best securities to the rights of the people.”

I also invite Tea Partiers and Constitutional conservatives to submit their ideas, articles, and quotes in support of this website and will give you credit here. Stay in touch!