Asking About My Lunch While Im Eating It

Asking About My Lunch While I’m Eating It

Yeah, I know this here soup and half sandwich combo is incredibly exotic, and a real conversation piece, and I know it probably catches you off guard when I’m eating it at 12:30PM, but can you please refrain from asking me about my lunch when I’m in the process of eating it, because it gives me this strange impulse to throw my beef barley soup in your face, and the reasonable side of me knows that this would be impolite. And it’s really not so much the question itself as it is the peering that comes along with it. Like, stretching your neck up high so you can look into my soup container is completely unnecessary. So what started off as a pilgrimage to my cube to explain why you fucked up the TPS report (again) turned into a spectacular lunch show and tell. I know, I know, the sight of someone eating lunch at her desk has a tendency to stop coworkers dead in their tracks, but let’s move along people, there’s nothing to see here.

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