Families of Servicemen Killed by Iranian Terrorism Need Our Calls to Congress

Lynn Derbyshire, national spokesperson for the hundreds of family members of our servicemen killed in the 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, was interviewed yesterday by Terry Lowry, host of the “What’s Up” radio program. That program is heard daily on twelve radio stations and on Sirius Family Talk Radio, Channel 131. Ms. Derbyshire’s brother, Vincent Smith, was among the 241 servicement killed in the bombing in October 1983. She discussed the bombing of the barracks by Iranian-sponsored terrorists, the court judgment for $2.6 billion obtained against Iran by the families and the attachment of an Iranian account with $1.8 billion in funds, and the efforts to enact a bill in Congress (H.R. 4070 in the House and S. 2101 in the Senate) to punish Iran for its terrorism and assist the families. Ms. Derbyshire discussed the opposition to the bills by a Wall Street institution, DTCC, which in effect is siding with Iran. The Shariah Finance Watch blog has opined that DTCC’s opposition “should amount to treason.”

Ms. Derbyshire and the families urge all Americans to contact their Congressmen and Senators to ignore DTCC’s opposition and support the bills.

You can listen to the interview in four segments, linked below:

Segment One: The bombing and impact on families

Segment Two: The court judgment against Iran

Segment Three: The frozen Iranian funds & DTCC’s opposition

Segment Four: The legislation and calls to Congress