Half-Assed Costumes are bumming me out HOLIDAY SPECIAL CLASSICZ

But even worse than that is the half-assed Halloween guy rocking some last-minute high concept meta costume that he has to explain to everyone at the party. (Going to a party). You can’t just strap a cell phone on your dad jeans and walk around all night looking self-satisfied and say your costume is a Baby Boomer. You can’t wear your waiter apron and walk around asking anyone if you can get them another drink and say you’re going as a liberal arts major.

There’s a pretty simple rule at work here: If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it. It just makes you look like you caved in to peer pressure at the last second and decided maybe your firm stand against dressing up isn’t so bad ass after all. Your whimsical Target employee name tag and shopping bag ensemble don’t make you look like a devil-may-care rogue deigning to play along with the proles on their silly holiday, you look like this guy I sat next to at a wedding recently rocking a Pittsburgh Steelers tie. You dressed up in order to say (to some invisible panel of judges who float through the clouds) that you dressed up, but you didn’t really dress up. In fact you look even worse than if you hadn’t done anything in the first place. Same idea behind the wrinkly khakis and blue oxford you wear to your business casual office. That’s the half-assed costume of life. The one where you show up to work every day pretending to be a dude who isn’t counting the hours until the sweet, merciful release of the big sleep.

Actually that’s a pretty good costume idea: a dead guy. I’ve got a gun you can borrow if you need one.

*Because people who read comic books and play video games are nerds amirite?