Pro-7th Amendment Broadcaster Now On Sirius Satellite Radio

I’ve written often about the interviews conducted by Terry Lowry on his radio show, the What’s Up show, broadcast on 12 radio stations from Houston to Chattanooga to Pittsburgh. I’m pleased to announce that this pro-7th Amendment broadcast, by a noted social conservative and Christian broadcaster, is now also heard on Sirius satellite radio on Channel 131, Family Talk Radio. Now the entire nation can hear periodic reports on civil justice issues and a defense of the Founding Fathers’ plan for open courtrooms for all types of cases, from medical malpractice and defective products to religious liberty, property rights and other personal rights. The interviews are also available for downloading from the What’s Up home page.

Terry interviewed me for today’s broadcast, and we discussed recent congressional action to assist property rights owners, victims of forced abortions, and American victims of Iranian terrorism by enabling their lawsuits. I noted the inconsistency between the protection by many Congressmen of those groups’ 7th Amendment rights and the attacks by some of the same Congressmen on medical malpractice lawsuits. As I noted, the Founders built a civil justice system to enable Americans to have their civil suits heard before juries in all types of cases. The Founders didn’t differentiate between lawsuits to protect property rights and medmal claims, and neither should Congress. See my post of January 25 on the reasons for Republicans and Tea Partiers to support open courtrooms for all.

You can download listen to the first interview segment here and to the second interview segment here.