Tea Party Leader Challenges House GOPs Fidelity to 10th Amendment

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips slams H.R. 5 in a post on the TPN website and a newsletter sent today to TPN members and newsletter subscribers. Says Phillips in his newsletter:

The 10th Amendment does not say that the powers granted to the states can be usurped simply because the right party is in power.

The most recent instance on selective 10th Amendment interpretation is occurring around the IPAB repeal bill. The IPAB is the Independent Payment Advisory Board, or as it is also known, the death panel.

The IPAB repeal ought to be fairly simple. Even some Democrats are on board with it. The Republican leadership decided to play stupid political tricks and attach the Medical Malpractice bill to the IPAB repeal bill.

Whether you think tort reform is a good idea or not, it is an issue that belongs to the states, not to the federal government. Tort law has always been governed by the states.

The 10th Amendment means what it says. It is not a campaign slogan that we throw out when it is convenient and ignore the rest of the time. The 10th Amendment is one of the best defenses we have against tyranny.

We supported Republicans in 2010 because we believed them. We did not elect them because we thought they were hypocrites.

We in the Tea Party do not insist in ideological purity but we insist that the candidates we support, support the Constitution. That means all of it.

Not just the parts we find convenient.

Multiple House Republicans will co-sponsor an amendment to strip the tort reform language from the combined bill and leave the good IPAB repeal language. They need to know that real conservatives out there support them!