Ways to make air coolers more efficient

Summers are very tough to pass because of its high hot temperature. Every year temperature is rising which is creating a problem for the human body and causing many skin issues. Numbers of people are using air conditioners because of the hot environment without knowing that how it will affect their body. AC can cause many problems in your body and makes your body numb also. You should go for the coolers and opt it this summer for you. Coolers are also a good option which you can follow, and it does not harm the health also.

There are some sites which can help you to suggest the buying guide and one of them is the foodplusice site. It is important to maintain your coolers also to increase its life longevity also. If you want to know that how you can maintain them, then you can take help from the post. We are here to discuss some of the ways by which you can maintain the coolers.


There are many ways by which you can maintain your coolers. Some of those ways are:-

Ventilation in the room

The coolers work better when the room’s windows and doors are open. If you want to take the bets of your cooler, then you should use the coolers where proper ventilation is presented. The best place where you can use your cooler is near the window.

Ice in water

It is also an effective way by which you can use your cooler, and that is to add ice in water. Of you want perfect cooling as like the air conditioners, then you can add ice in water by which you will get much cooling in your room. When you add ice in water, then it will make the pad cooler which results to pass cooler air.

Take care of the cooler

If you want to take the best use of the cooler, then make sure that you will take care of the cooler well. It will be good enough if you will check the cooler before using it. You should use the brush to clean the cooler so that it will work well and provide you more cooling.

Hope that you are satisfied with the above information and will use the coolers to make your summer better for knowing that how you should buy it, you can take help from the foodplusice site.